Roy Thomas Painting, Native Art Title “Four Directions”


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Product Description

Title “Four Directions”

24 * 20 Acrylic on canvas by Roy Thomas (1982).

Roy Thomas was born deep in the boreal forest along Pagwachuan Lake near Longlac, Ontario.
He spent the majority of his adult life in Thunder Bay.

“Roy was critically acclaimed as one of the most brilliant and prolific members of the Woodland School,
the art movement that began in the early 1960’s. Roy was a self-taught artist and was guided by the memories
of his grandmother who taught him what to paint, and was also inspired by the pictographs he had seen as a child.”

Roy Thomas passed away in November 2004.

“In an article written six years ago in Bear Country In-Flight Magazine Roy spoke about the meaning of
living his life as an artist, “When I leave my natural life cycle I want to be able to look into the eyes of my
Creator and say” “You have given me life, time and talent and I did what you wanted me to do.””